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Below is the example of creating a KPI Dashboard in excel. You can download this KPI Dashboard Excel Template here - KPI Dashboard Excel Template Step 1: First, we need to create a Target table of each individual employee across 12 months. In the above table for each individual, I have created a target for each month Download Top 21 Free KPI Dashboard Excel Templates 1. Executive Dashboard Template. Executive dashboard template describes us about the complete blend of high priority... 2. Business Dashboard Template. Business dashboard template depicts the overall growth of the business over a tenure,... 3..

KPI Dashboard in Excel Step 1: Open an Excel file. Click on the File tab on the uppermost ribbon. Go to Options. Step 2: Under Options > Click on Add-ins. You'll be able to see the screen as shown below. Popular Course in this... Step 3: Select COM Add-ins under the Manage section dropdown and click. Now let's see how to build an Interactive Excel KPI Dashboard using pivot table tools: I prepared a summary data for 4 departments; welding, cutting, assembly and packing. KPI's for these 4 departments are selected as efficiency, productivity and scrap rate. Data set includes values for 12 months (4x3x12=144 rows)

KPI Dashboard in Excel Create Key Performance Indicators

  1. Learn how to construct a simple KPI Dashboard using Excel. In this article we explore both design techniques and excel tricks required to construct a simple KPI dashboard to keep track of a set of important metrics or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators
  2. Therefore, the HR KPI dashboard excel template displays information such as total salary, average salary, total benefits, average age, gender ratio, permanent rate, turnover rate, and absenteeism rate. Thus, the following KPIs are valuable to display on HR KPI Template in tableau. Total Employees
  3. Using production KPI dashboard excel templates is a simple and effective way to monitor all the important activities of a business. No matter you are calculating the production cost or creating an annual revenue report, KPI templates can help you manage every aspect of your business
  4. Den viktigaste byggstenen för en dashboard i Excel är vanligen pivottabellen. Pivottabeller används för att sammanfatta den data man vill analysera. Sen finns det lite olika tekniker för att samla informationen på ett blad. I enklaste fallet så kopieras alla pivottabeller (eller pivotdiagram) till ett blad (själva dashboarden)
  5. Beatexcel's Interactive Production KPI Dashboard has you covered. Their dashboard template shows KPIs related to production like revenue, profit, efficiency, and turnover rate. One thing you'll love about this template is how you're able to interact with it, specifically filtering the information by month. 4

This Excel dashboard will show you how to enhance your story using key performance indicators. Good to know that you can edit the template freely. A great KPI template is simple: create a proper layout and build a wireframe Download the excel sheet containing KPI Dashboard solution to learn this better. The implementation. First have our raw data ready in a separate sheet, this is the easy step, you know how to get your data in to one sheet. So skip to next one. Next create a 10 row table for the dash board

Free Excel KPI Dashboards. You can use an Excel dashboard to track your company's key performance metrics. In many cases, this will show the data in both table and graph formats. 3. The first free KPI Dashboard template is from Smartsheet Let's first understand what is an Excel dashboard. An Excel dashboard is one-pager (mostly, but not always necessary) that helps managers and business leaders in tracking key KPIs or metrics and take a decision based on it. It contains charts/tables/views that are backed by data In this post we're going to learn how to create some super cool key performance indicator (KPI) data cards in Excel. These are great for drawing attention to a single metric like the total sales in your dashboards. In this post we're going to get extra fancy and add some little additions to the cards like a percentage change over the previous year. • A KPI dashboard provides a general overview of business performance and expected growth. • KPI reporting enables organizations to access indicators, which support them in making informed decisions. • A KPI provides real time information about the performance of a business KPI dashboard software packages include Domo, SimpleKPI, Geckoboard and Cyfe. Essentially, these applications all perform the same function: the creation and monitoring of your key performance indicators. You can also create your own KPI dashboard using Excel. This tutorial will show you how to set up a simple KPI dashboard in Excel

21 Best KPI Dashboard Excel Templates and Samples Download

  1. KPI dashboard with excel and other data source. Our KPI dashboard allows user who even doesn't have computer skills to connect the huge number of the database using PDO such MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and Cubrid
  2. In project management, different project management systems are used for tracking, monitoring, and controlling the project activities, timeline, schedule, cost, quality, communication, and budget.. Project Management KPI Dashboard Template in Excel is helpful during the execution phase of the project. It provides the quickest overview of all project performance indicators
  3. Download KPI Dashboard Template. Track key data points using a KPI dashboard to maximize business performance. You'll save time by not having to produce multiple reports, and the consolidated metrics can easily be shared between teams. This free KPI dashboard template allows you to view multiple KPIs in both table and graph formats
  4. KPI dashboard in one of the most used dashboards in business. This video is the first part of a 3 part video series on how to create a KPI Dashboard in Excel..
  5. Build a KPI Dashboard in Excel - Sales Scorecard Template - YouTube
  6. 3 months ago March 14, 2020 No tags. 9 views. Making use of manufacturing KPI control panel succeed themes is a basic and also efficient means to keep an eye on all the vital tasks of an organisation
  7. Excel recommends charts on the Insert tab of the ribbon at the top of Excel. Take your chart and copy and paste it into a separate worksheet. You can do this for each of the charts you're building for your KPI dashboard in Excel. The new sheet where you place these charts will become your dashboard

The KPI Dashboard tool is compatible with Excel 2007 and newer versions and shows monthly and cumulative results. If you have any questions regarding KPI, feel free to start a discussion below or message privately via our Eloquens author account. This Best Practice includes 1 Excel Download, 1 YouTube vide Dashboard de Excel con KPI para descargar. Si quieres empezar a disfrutar de las ventajas de los indicadores de progreso, descarga gratis esta plantilla de Excel que incluye un Dashboard con KPIs. Sólo tendrás que cambiar los datos por defectos por los que tú necesitas conocer. Tu decides cuáles son los datos que quieres medir y los mides.

X KPI. Excel KPI Dashboard > KPI Spreadsheet Dashboard > Create KPI structure, define targets and control the performance of your company > Build Strategy, create Action Plan to achieve the objectives and set up deadlines. > Assign KPI to managers and control their performance. > Analyze each of the KPI and compare with the targets defined,. KPI dashboard templates are used for tracking, monitoring, and controlling different functions. In this post, you will download plenty of KPI Template excel, like production, sales, HR, Construction and other businesses custom dashboard in excel format.. All the key functions of business have some parameters that must be monitored, tracked, and controlled effectively KPI Dashboard in Excel - Part 1: Dynamic Scatter Chart. KPI Dashboard in Excel - Part 2: Dynamic Interpretation. KPI Dashboard in Excel - Part 3: Dynamic Data Extraction + Bullet Chart. Objective: We have the KPI data of 100 companies, and the objective is to create a dashboard that would help in identifying key accounts based on the. KPI Dashboard in Excel - Part 1: Dynamic Scatter Chart. KPI Dashboard in Excel - Part 2: Dynamic Interpretation. KPI Dashboard in Excel - Part 3: Dynamic Data Extraction + Bullet Chart. Objective: We have the KPI data of 100 companies, and the objective is to create a dashboard that would help in identifying key accounts based on the. Du kan ladda ner denna Excel-mall för KPI Dashboard här - KPI Dashboard Excel-mall . Steg 1: Först måste vi skapa en måltabell för varje enskild anställd under 12 månader. I tabellen ovan för varje individ har jag skapat ett mål för varje månad. För detta har jag använt tabellformat i Excel och gett namnet Target_Table

This KPI dashboard template for Excel, LibreOffice Calc, and Google Sheets (G Suite) relies on tables that show the performance of salespersons clearly while key KPIs are highlighted. Moreover, thanks to fewer colors and charts, it's easy to read and compare without losing attention. ‌ Download Sales KPI Dashboard Template for Excel Thanks to this IT KPI Dashboard, you will be able to see how well your IT department is performing and take necessary action for weak areas. We have accumulated the most frequently used 16 KPIs in the IT department and grouped them into five main groups consisting of the following: Now, let's see the details of the IT KPI Dashboard Excel.

Free Excel Kpi Dashboard Templates is is provided for free, cross-platform, multipurpose, user friendly, and flexible. All these properties make it the right tool to map your plans for every aspect of your daily life and, furthermore, to check out with on them. These sample online Free Excel Kpi Dashboard Templates will exhibit tha You can put your dashboard in Excel for all I care, but if no one views or cares about the dashboard, then you're not going to get very far. As with all things technology, it's the human element that poses the biggest obstacles. Process for creating a KPI dashboard. Here's a framework for creating a KPI dashboard Home » Excel Dashboard Templates » Human Resources KPI Scorecard. Human Resources KPI Human Resources KPI Scorecard Template using typical HR KPIs and excel gauge charts. In this tutorial, we will use four essential groups of performance indicators in the area of HR. Employee turnover, Recruiting, Retention finally Training and. Kpi Dashboard Excel Template Free Download Upbwo New Dashboard Templates In Excel Project Management Dashboard. Production Schedule Template Excel Spreadsheet Exceltemp. Download Excel Dashboard Template And Stack Ranking Excel Template With Microsoft Excel Dashboard Templates Free Download Version Download 2124 File Size 40.40 KB File Count 3 Create Date December 21, 2017 Last Updated March 20, 2020 Download Description Attached Files This download includes... Basic One Page, All in One, Dashboard - Landscape Basic Dashboard, Separate Tables and Dashboard - Portrait Complex Dashboard - Tables and Stacked Columns Feedback, ideas and comment

KPI Dashboard in Excel How to Create KPI Dashboard in Excel

Company KPI Dashboard Model - by Department. Company KPI Dashboard Model - by Department. 99.00. A global dashboard that has a range of metrics on a single page. The file is designed for people who use Excel on a regular basis, and are comfortable with using its tools and functions The Excel dashboard section of TheSmallman has lots of Excel dashboard templates for you to download and use with your own data. The goal of the site is to create a visual hub for Excel dashboard design with a range of different dashboards, from financial, to organisational and KPI dashboards How to create a KPI dashboard in Excel. Microsoft Excel is the perfect platform in which to create an effective KPI dashboard. The various graph formats and chart options are incredibly useful when translating raw data into engaging visualisations, each one tailored to display information in a way that is clear and easy to understand Dashboard in Excel erstellen: KPIs und Co. übersichtlich darstellen. Tipps und Tricks für die Erstellung eines Dashboards in Microsoft Excel. Dashboards sind aus der modernen Arbeitswelt kaum noch wegzudenken. Sie dienen der Organisation und Strukturierung und sind vor allem dann sehr hilfreich,. Use the KPI Dashboard Excel Template to track the 12 most important Key Performance Indicators for your department or whole company. This Excel spreadsheet helps you to maximize your data by organizing and comparing all in one place. Easily interpretable 3-color graphics stand out in professional presentations and makes reporting more effective. Key Feature

Real-time Dashboards Visualize KPIs on TVs around the office Instant Notifications Recognize and celebrate success as it happens Real-time Reports Save time with real-time reports in Plecto. Contests Set up contests across any KPI in a matter of seconds. Achievements Challenge top performers with records and special awards. Performance Agreements Set targets for each employee and follow. Kpi Dashboard Excel Show Filters Showing all 3 results-20%. KPI Management Template Package. Rated 0 out of 5 $ 105.00 $ 84.00 Add to cart. Adnia KPI Management Template 2. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 39.00 Add to cart. Adnia KPI Management Template 1. Rated 0 out of 5 $ 39.00 Add to. Kpi Dashboard Excel Template Free Download is cost nothing, cross-platform, functional, user friendly, and flexible. Those components allow it to be an ideal tool to map your plans for every part of your lifetime and, furthermore, to follow thru on them. The next sample online Kpi Dashboard Excel Template Free Download wil

Download X KPI for free. Excel KPI Dashboard. > KPI Spreadsheet Dashboard > Create KPI structure, define targets and control the performance of your company > Build Strategy, create Action Plan to achieve the objectives and set up deadlines. > Assign KPI to managers and control their performance This Supply Chain KPI Dashboard will help you first understand the definition and measurement of KPIs and also this easy-to-customize Excel Tool helps you to monitor, measure and control Key Performance Indicators for your business.. This SCM KPI Dashboard helps you keep your Targets SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) and drive Continuous Improvement in Your.

This example shows a KPI Dashboard focused on financial metrics, which helps managers improve decisions related to their the company's monthly performance. 100s of additional templates are available through the link below Call Center KPI Dashboard Excel Template; Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Simple KPI Excel; Importance of Simple KPI Template XLS Excel. The simple KPI template XLS excel is very helpful in business and project management. These templates are used by each function of the business and a project We have learned about HR KPI Dashboard Excel Template & found #1 HR KPI Dashboard relates to recruitment, employee salary data, training. In addition, we are linking Employee attendance sheet with this sheet, so you can easily manage Employee salary sheet, PTO, Holiday's planner and other more financial record of any employee The Dashboard Foundation Pack is the heart of the Brilliant Excel Dashboards Kit. The template kit enables you to create profession-looking dashboard prototypes in minutes. By using the pre-built chart and commentary designs in the Prototyping Guide and Toolkit, you can be confident that the final approved designs will be perfectly compatible with the Excel Template Foundation Pack (included)

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  1. Free Excel KPI dashboard templates are usually a set of templates to work from. Many of these have been created by the company that the employee works for, but the employee can also create their own. The use of free Excel KPI dashboard templates is a great way to make sure that employees are working at their best
  2. Jan 27, 2021 - Explore Warinda Wongchaiะะ's board Kpi dashboard excel on Pinterest. See more ideas about kpi dashboard, dashboard, kpi dashboard excel
  3. Excel Template KPI Management Dashboard 4 Use the KPI dashboard Excel template to track the 12 most important key performance indicators of the department or the entire company. This Excel spreadsheet can help you maximize your data by organizing and comparing all data in one place

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KPI Dashboards are designed to cover three main aspects of business performance tracking. An organization may use one or all three types, and each is designed for a specific purpose: Strategic dashboards are predominantly used for a view of the business in its entirety. They contain high-level. 29 nov. 2016 - Découvrez le tableau kpi dashboard excel de Stephane Verissimo sur Pinterest. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème visualisation de données, dataviz, design tableau de bord Blue - Some dashboards add blue or some other color to highlight exceptional performance. Step 3: Using Your Small Business Excel KPI dashboard. Setting up the dashboard is easy when you've done the steps above. You want a dashboard that can quickly tell you whether you're on-track to meet your targets or whether adjustments are needed 21 Posts Related to Maintenance Kpi Dashboard Excel Template. Maintenance Planner Maintenance Schedule Template Excel. Maintenance Schedule Preventive Maintenance Template Excel Downloa

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7 Best Production KPI Dashboard Excel Templates to Grow

Manage all your employee's data with this powerful KPI dashboard. Store all your employee's data in one Excel. Calculate your retention, exit rates and hiring rates and analyse trends. Create charts to compare different rates between departments These KPIs are the best examples of project assurance KPIs for project scale. At the implementation phase of project management, project quality assurance KPIs are a vital part of the project management KPIs dashboard for continuously tracking purposes. Construction KPI Template Excel Pmo Kpi Kpi Dashboard Excel Project Management Templates. DOWNLOAD IMAGE. Kpi Dashboards A Comprehensive Guide With Examples Simplekpi. DOWNLOAD IMAGE. Retail Analysis Sample For Power Bi Take A Tour Power Bi. DOWNLOAD IMAGE. How To Create Excel Kpi Dashboard With Gauge Control Microsoft Enter the KPI objectives, and business monthly financial results and Financial Dashboard will take care of creating the beautiful management dashboard with handy Graphs and Metrics! The KPI template Excel spreadsheet will produce 3 KPI dashboards that can be seen month by month with growth comparisons and trends U kunt deze KPI Dashboard Excel-sjabloon hier downloaden - KPI Dashboard Excel-sjabloon Voorbeeld # 1 - KPI-dashboard in Excel met PowerPivot . PowerPivot is niet nieuw om gebruikers uit te blinken. U kunt veel mooie rapporten ontwikkelen met behulp van deze tool van Excel zonder daadwerkelijk hulp van IT-mensen te nemen

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Vind en vergelijk producten van de beste merken en retailers bij ProductShopper. De beste online prijsvergelijkingssite. Wij maken online shoppen extra leuk Learn how to create a custom dashboard with Excel metrics and KPIs using Bold BI. Explore your business data and find the story that lives in it. Creating a Dashboard in 5 Minutes or Less with Bold BI - Thursday, March 25, 10 A.M. ET. SIGN UP NO Project Management KPI Dashboard Simple KPI Dashboard in Excel Format. The simple project management KPI dashboards support to pursue the growth of the... Construction KPI Dashboard Excel. Construction Project KPIs must be developed for the purpose of inspiring and engaging... General Categories of. PMO adds value to project management. PMO KPI Dashboard shows how PMO brings value to organization. The PMO KPI Dashboard uses the fundamental principle that you can only manage what you can measure. KPI Dashboard in excel offers a simple yet effective way of demonstrating the value a PMO brings to the table

A free KPI Excel Dashboard template for products. Easy to use. One of the finest. Thanks to chandoo.org! Here you can download this Excel Dashboard. Free Web Analytics Dashboard. A free Microsoft Excel 2007 Dashboard template for web analytics professionals from Stéphane Hamel free templates excel dashboard school free excel dashboard templates you are in the right place at the right time if you need a fresh idea creating stunning data visualizations excel dashboard school download free excel templates excel dashboard school thanks for your interest in our free tutorias turn your data into kpi dashboard using data visualization add in free download excel dashboard. Anyone can PM me for my Excel KPI dashboard template. It passed my upgrade registration audit for ISO 9001:2015. S. scooterbaby Registered. Jul 5, 2017 #5. Jul 5, 2017 #5. google chandoo Many dashboard examples, tutorials, tricks. D. dsanabria Quite Involved in Discussions KPI Dashboard Template Excel. In today's corporate working culture, an arising aspect of professional evaluation is KPI Dashboard Template Excel. With the complete acronym as Key performance indicator, there are many Excel dashboard templates based on the working principals of this methodology

The 7 Best Excel Dashboard Templates - Free & Paid [2021

  1. Best Excel Dashboards And Production KPI Dashboard Excel Template. When setting up the dashboard, the company will need to figure out what each specific area is. They will need to make sure that it is possible to see each individual metric that they need to be viewing
  2. utes
  3. Excel Guru; Call Center KPI Dashboard; Call Center KPI Dashboard Try the live demo below. Click to see some other dashboard. Power BI Training Outline. Theory Time: What is a data warehouse; Concept of ETL; Data warehouse Characteristics; Data warehouse Schema
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  1. So in this article, we are using Excel services and designing the Dashboard with Excel Report and Scorecard with KPIs. Once you fill the data in the excel sheet, select the columns and rows and name it by going to 'Design' ribbon - 'Sales Table' as shown below: Now save your excel work book with a name of your choice
  2. Home Decorating Style 2021 for Free Kpi Dashboard Templates In Excel, you can see Free Kpi Dashboard Templates In Excel and more pictures for Home Interior Designing 2021 145100 at Resume Example Ideas
  3. Top 7 CFO Dashboard KPIs & Metrics Explained. Now that we've explored one of our most effective examples of CFO reports, we're going to take a quick glimpse at 7 of its pivotal financial graphs, starting with the gross profit margin percentage.We have also included satisfaction metrics as, nowadays, CFOs don't track financial KPIs only, but also have responsibility for other business areas

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboards in Excel

KPI Dashboard Excel Templates. If you're ready to start creating your own KPI dashboard, the good news is that there are tons of resources out there to help you get it done. 1. Smartsheet. Smartsheet provides Excel templates for a variety of marketing dashboards Scoro KPI dashboard software lets you oversee every aspect of your business on one (or several) dashboards - and keep track of your project, work, and financial KPIs in real time.. Top features: Integrate Scoro with your currently used software to track and monitor all your data in one system. Oversee every aspect of your company's performance: projects, budgets, sales, forecasts, team's. Defining KPIs in Excel. To define a KPI, you need have the following in place You can also produce an aesthetic report in Power View with the KPIs that can be included in your dashboard. As you can observe, in the Power View you could portray the results as follows. Kpi Dashboard Excel free download - Eaglement KPI Dashboard, Hotel KPI Dashboard, KPI Scorecard, and many more program

KPI Dashboard in Excel Alternatives. KPI Dashboard in Excel is described as 'Easy to use Excel Template including KPI Dashboard, trend charts, previous year and target comparisons, monthly and cumulative analysis with great design' and is an app in the Business & Commerce category. There are three alternatives to KPI Dashboard in Excel for Windows, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office. The Pre-Built Dashboard Pack includes three complete, fully working, dashboards. The dashboards have been built using the Brilliant Excel Dashboards System to give you a massive head-start if you need to build a dashboard and don't know where to start. You are free to modify and alter them however you see fit (but not resel As first, you should know what an Excel Dashboard is. Excel dashboard is a useful decision-making tool that contains graphs, charts, tables, and other visually enhanced features. A dashboard provides interactive form controls, dynamic charts, and widgets to quickly summarize data and show KPIs A Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboard is one of the most used dashboards in business. Its primary objective is to show the performance of key KPIs and provide a comparative view of other KPIs or companies. Check out this tutorial and learn how to create a KPI dashboard in #Excel

Printed dashboard reports have a much higher resolution than on-screen dashboards, and therefore allow you to show more KPIs, charts, tables and sparklines on a single page. When a certain KPI is being discussed, a person can express his opinion and refer to a specific chart, table or figure available for everybody in the meeting Excel dashboards sometimes embody a number of spreadsheets. One is the precise dashboard, the front-facing web page which graphically shows data utilizing tables, charts, maps, and gauges (additionally known as speedometers). No matter the performance and business, the kpi dashboard excel templates will be categorized as. Newbie kpi dashboard excel template: In newbie KPI template, [ You will get stunning Dashboard (as can be seen from cover image) based on your data set. These three packages are definitely for you if you have data available in Excel format waiting to be visualized. If your data set needs some processing and cleaning before it is ready for Dashboard, let me know. I will do that as well within very short period of time at very reasonable cost

22 Free Excel Dashboard Templates Excelcha

Excel Kpi Dashboard Templates 2010 A Key Performance indicator dashboard collects, groups, organizes and visualizes an organization's important metrics. In this way, KPI reporting serves multiple purposes within a firm The call center KPI dashboard helps you to identify trends by examining KPIs such as current service level, average seconds to answer and first call resolution. This call center KPI dashboard is about identifying trends by examining data over a longer time period. Skip to main content

21 Posts Related to Hr Kpi Dashboard Excel Template Free Download. Recruitment Dashboard Excel Template Free Download. Project Management Dashboard Excel Template Free Downloa KPI is a key performance indicator and in power bi, there are some specific requirements for this type of KPI visualization, the mandatory requirements are a base context that is used to compare a given value to a target concept which is also known as the threshold KPI dashboard uses KPI metrics that you are tracking on your business, what your performance metrics produce is what is in the dashboard. The only difference between KPI metrics and dashboard is that; KPI metrics are data collected over a given period and analyzed to be presentable while the KPI dashboard displays these metrics as it happens in a tabular format that can be acted upon and. Build dashboards. Quickly and easily build a consolidated view of your company's key performance indicators. Pull the metrics you need, visualize KPIs in a variety of ways, and build beautiful dashboards-no code or design skills necessary. Dashboard Designer >

Feb 18, 2020 - Download the top KPI dashboard Excel templates related to sales, management, finance, SEO, digital marketing, DevOps, Productivity, Analytics, HR and more Oct 14, 2016 - Key performance indicators, or even key performance indicators, track the results of any work in firm. By monitoring and comparing key performance indicators, analysts could spot long range general trends and short-term issues, and leaders could take proactive measures to Continue

Choose from Kpi Dashboard Excel stock illustrations from iStock. Find high-quality royalty-free vector images that you won't find anywhere else Create a KPI dashboard in Excel. Creating a Key Performance Indicators dashboard in Excel can be a great and easy way to track your performance against relevant KPI targets. But, how do you create a KPI dashboard in Excel? Well, there are several methods and YouTube tutorials you can use for inspiration,. Why excel? My reason for building it in MS excel is because excel is easily available to everyone, and almost everyone have hands-on experience in working in Excel. Additionally let me tell you one very amazing part. You gonna learn to create the dashboard in less than two hours. Yes you heard it right, in less than 2 hours Amazing isn't it

Creating an Excel Dashboard (Examples & FREE Templates

Excel Dashboard For KPI Management Thursday, October 22, 2015. How to Create Line Chart in Excel.

Sales Dashboard Solution | ConceptDrawDashboard using Teradata database - InfoCaptor BIHow to create a gauge chart in Excel for great lookingSocial Media Dashboard Template | Adnia SolutionsHow To Make Employee Performance Dashboard - YouTube
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