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ELSTER (ELektronische STeuerERklärung = electronic tax declaration) is a German online tax office system designed by the Federal Central Tax Office (Bundeszentralamt für Steuern) to enable anyone to submit their tax returns online


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  1. The due date to submit the German annual VAT return is 31 July of the following year. In case this return is filed by a recognised tax consultant, the due date is shifted to 28 February of the second following year. These deadlines have been updated in December 2016 by the German tax authorities
  2. Assessments are issued once the tax office has reviewed the return. For tax periods starting after 31 December 2017, returns are, in principle, due by 31 July of the following year (31 May for earlier tax periods)
  3. Germany has progressive tax rates ranging as follows (2021 tax year): * Geometrically progressive rates start at 14% and rise to 42%. Surcharges on income tax To improve the economic situation and infrastructure for certain regions in need, the German government has been levying a 5.5% solidarity surcharge tax
  4. istration is divided into federal tax authorities and state tax authorities. The local tax offices (Finanzamt, plural Finanzämter) belong to the latter. They ad
  5. Completing the German tax return ELSTER. Although it is still possible to download all the necessary forms, fill them out and then submit them to your... Details needed for German tax declaration forms. In order to correctly fill out your income tax return forms, you will... Additional tax forms.
  6. The average German tax refund is around 1000 euros. Of course this number is probably skewed by a lot of high earners with side businesses and investments that get back heaps of money. Nevertheless, it's likely you'll get some money back even if you do not bother with any meaningful deductions

German income tax returns are due after the end of the tax year - which is the same as the calendar year. Your tax return will be due after the tax year has ended; the normal deadline is 31 July. So, you must submit your 2020 return by 31 July 2021. If your tax return is prepared by a tax professional, it is due on 31 December Self-employed income tax in Germany. Self-employed workers must submit a tax return each year. If you're self-employed, you'll be able to benefit from the same €9,744 allowance as other workers, and an additional €2,800 allowance for German health insurance.. You can reduce your tax by offsetting work-related outgoings against your tax bill Bureaucracy: Your 2020 German taxes: what to watch for. Thanks to corona, Germany has come up with some new tax rules - and laxer deadlines. okb/Sabine Meuter, dpa, 3.2.2021 - 11:34 Uh

If a taxpayer has a residence in Germany, they must submit an unrestricted return. Otherwise, they will submit a restricted return, assuming their employer was not required to withhold German taxes. Tax returns must be filed before the 31st of May. If a professional prepares the return, the deadline is automatically extended to the 31st of. German Income Tax Calculator This program is a German Income Tax Calculator for singles as well as married couples for the years 1999 until 2019. Note: This Income Tax Calculator is best suited if you only have income as self employed, from a trade or from a rental property Easily file your income tax declaration in Germany. We will guide you through your online form. No paper work needed. For just 35 EUR

In Germany, everyone's earnings are subject to a basic tax allowance. Up to this amount, your taxable income is not subject to tax. In 2021, this basic tax allowance is 9,744 euros if you are unmarried and not in a civil partnership. For couples who are married or in a civil partnership the threshold is 19,488 euros As a rule, the income tax return (Einkommensteuererklärung) should be filed by July 31 of the year following the one in which the income was received. If you use the assistance of a tax consultant, your tax filing date is extended to December 31. In some circumstances that date can be extended further to February 28 Taxation is the primary source of revenue for the state and enables the government to perform its duties. The German state is responsible for funding Kindergartens and schools, universities and hospitals, construction of roads, the salaries of teachers, police officers, firefighters, politicians and much more The first thing to know about the German tax system is that any income you earn in Germany will be subject to income tax. However, you may be entitled to a refund at the end of the tax year. Lohnsteuer (income tax) alone accounts for a 3rd of the German government's revenue and is deducted directly from your wages by your employer If so, you could be due to claim German tax back. People working in Germany can pay up to 42.5% on their earnings. The average German tax refund is €1020 so it's well worth finding out what you're owed. Our German tax calculator is free to use and will give you an instant tax refund estimation

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If you work in Germany full-time or during your studies, it's good to know the basics about German income tax. All those who are self-employed in Germany are expected to file an annual tax declaration.The tax year in Germany runs parallel with the calendar year, which means you should ideally be submitting your tax return in January each year, although the deadline is the 31st May Tax number (Steuernummer): If you don't already have one, simply submit your first German tax declaration and your district's tax office (Finanzamt) will issue you a tax number. Note: If you move to a new district, you should automatically be issued with a new number when you register in the area

However, this additional time comes at a cost since you'll need to pay an advisor a fee to do your taxes. The average tax advisor ranges between 200 and 650 euros per tax filing. Alternatively, you can calculate your refund completely risk-free in just 22 minutes right now Around Taxes » Tax return in Germany for foreigners made easy - Steuererklärung » Make use of all those tax deductions Germany has to offer. Make use of all those tax deductions Germany has to offer. Last update: 31/01/2021 63 Comments If the loan is secured by German real estate, the lender is subject to German limited tax liability with respect to the interest income, even if the interest rate is fixed and there is no WHT, which requires the lender to file German tax returns. In both cases, Germany's right to tax may be reduced or excluded under applicable double taxation.

For example, a voluntary 2020 tax return isn't due until the end of 2024 - so there's plenty of time - but the sooner you file, the sooner you find out what your tax refund will be. According to the Federal Statistical Office, there is an __ average tax refund of 1,027 euros for voluntarily tax returns.__ Secure your tax refund. File now Though you may speak little or no German, you can basically do your tax return yourself. But even if you use the services of a tax advisor (Steuerberater) or go to an income tax help association (Lohnsteuerhilfeverein) , the following applies: only if you know the basics of German tax law you can point out important facts to your advisor that may be unusual for other taxpayers Make your german tax return with smartsteuer, the online tax software Ø 1.069€ tax refund < 60 minutes 93% recommendatio My German Tax Return - Current Forms. This page is an addition to the guide »My German Tax Return - A step-by-step guide to file your taxes in Germany«, which you can purchase here.This is a guide for all employed persons who want or need to file a tax return in Germany but do not speak much German

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After having returned to the USA the stamped invoice should be sent back to the store in Germany where the merchandise was purchased. For the Tax Free Shopping Check you may be able to obtain a cash refund if they have an office at the airport General information for all recipients of a German pension On Januar 1, 2005 a new law on taxation of old age pensions (Alterseinkünftegesetz) entered into force. According to this law, pensio In Germany, a new fact has been introduced that has led to an obligation for non-residents to file a German income tax return. In the majority of cases, this will cause a considerable additional tax burden in addition to the additional effort of submitting the declaration. It applies as of the 2020 German tax return filing season which should start in 2021 Therefore, as of the 2008 assessment period, it is no longer necessary for persons living in the U.S. who exclusively draw retirement income from Germany within the meaning of § 22, No. 1, Sentence 3a of the German Income Tax Act or § 22, No. 5, Sentence 1 of the German Income Tax Act (in particular pensions paid out of the German Pension Insurance) to file a tax return in Germany (starting. In the year of tax recording and the following year, the pre-reports must be made monthly and independently of the amount. Additionally, an annual return must be submitted for each calendar year. Tax rates for VAT. The regular tax rate in Germany is 19 percent

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Foreign source income is in general not subject to German income taxation if a person is not resident in Germany. However, in years where a person enters or leaves Germany this sort of income might affect the progressive German income tax rate on taxable income in Germany Deadline extended for 2019 Annual VAT return in Germany. The German tax authorities previously provided relief in light of the pandemic by reducing the standard and reduced VAT rates. In February 2021 further relief was provided when a bill was passed to extend deadlines for the annual VAT return for the 2019 reporting period. It will be put into effect after it is published in Germany's.

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Overall, tax deferrals should be made possible in the billions.Since many taxes are administered by the German federal states (Länder), the BMF has already initiated a coordination with the federal states for those taxes which are administered by the Länder on behalf of the Federal Government (Bund) and which are jointly due to the Federal Government and the Länder as so-called joint. An income tax return has to be filed by May 31st (for 2018: July 31st) for the previous year. It is possible to file for extensions. If you work with an accountant you will automatically get an extension until the end of December (for 2018: until the end of February of the following year)

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German taxes This page provides a brief overview of German taxes. Income tax and social security The German system of income tax is known for endless exceptions and potential deductions. This is not all bad news, as this is really where your tax refund is Filing a tax return allows you to declare any expenses and thus get some of the tax you have paid returned to you. As a general rule, you will be required to pay German tax if you live and work here for more than six months. If you are employed by a university, research institution or company, income tax will be deducted directly from your salary www.germantaxes.de is the first tax tool for expats in Germany.No more confusing forms. Thanks to our integratedchecks and tax tips you can completeyour tax. Germany Taxation and Investment 2017 (Updated May 2017) 2 . 1.0 Investment climate . 1.1 Business environment . Germany is a federal parliamentary republic. The federal president is the formal head of the state but has largely representative duties. Legislative and executive powers are divided between the federation (Bund) and the 16 federal state A draft bill was introduced in the lower house of the German parliament (Bundestag) to extend the tax return deadline for the 2019 assessment period. An amendment to the German stock corporation law (AktG § 302) may require the modification of existing profit transfer agreements. This may affect all existing agreements

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The tax year is 12 months or the period for which accounts are prepared, if shorter. The tax accounting period may not exceed 12 months in total. Consolidated returns Although companies may be taxed on a consolidated basis, each company must file a separate tax return (except for VAT). Tax consolidation for corporate income tax an Tax refund after working in Germany, even for the last 4 years. On average, we return up to 748 EUR for our clients, even if the necessary documents are missing. We guarantee professional services and the highest tax refund possible. 17 years of experience. 180 000 satisfied customers German Income Tax Calculator. The German Tax calculator is a free online tax calculator, updated for the 2021 Tax Year. Simply enter your annual salary to see a detailed tax calculation or select the advanced options to edit payroll information, select different tax states etc

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Calculate your Gross Net Wage - German Wage Tax Calculator. Our gross net wage calculator helps to calculate the net wage based on the Wage Tax System of Germany. How much money will be left after paying taxes and social contributions which are obligatory for an employee working in Germany A German citizen who has no lived in Germany for a long time (but in China for example) is also eligible for a tax refund when leaving Germany. What kind of regulations apply for tax refund products? 1)The tax refund for services, vehicles and their components (e.g. train tickets bought in Germany, invoices for dining or drinking, bumpers, rearview mirror or fuel) is not possible For a resident, rental income is taxed as ordinary income and must be reported on your tax return. If you are a resident, rental income from a tax treaty country outside Germany, on which tax has been paid, does not need to be reported in your tax return Your dedicated tax specialist will be your one point of contact throughout. They will prepare your tax return and communicate directly with the German Tax Agency when required. Our team is specifically focused on tax compliance and on ensuring the property owner's tax obligations are addressed. File your German rental income tax return with. Who has to pay income tax in Germany? In Germany, income tax is known as Einkommensteuer.Income taxes are paid throughout the year in the form of 'wage tax' (Lohnsteuer).In most circumstances, if you live in Germany continuously for more than 6 months you must file a tax declaration (Steuererklärung) with your local tax office (Finanzamt).. The tax year in Germany is the calendar year

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On Nov. 6, 2020, the German Ministry of Finance issued guidance on a law concerning extraterritorial intellectual property (IP) transactions. In the brief declaration, the German Tax Authorities asserted that German tax liability could result from a limited or unlimited transfer of intellectual property rights if such rights are registered in a German register Get your taxes back! Whether employee, student, apprentice or pensioner - with Steuerbot anyone can easily file their own German tax return including ELSTER. You answer simple questions step by step in a chat. In only 30 minutes you are done! Steuerbot generates your personal electronic tax return with all of your deductible expenses The complete texts of the following tax treaty documents are available in Adobe PDF format. If you have problems opening the pdf document or viewing pages, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.For further information on tax treaties refer also to the Treasury Department's Tax Treaty Documents page

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